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Sisters  Lifting Sisters is a resource and counseling center geared toward women  concerns.  It is dedicated to supplying women with a forum of seminars  and workshops of enrichment in order to encourage and empower their  lifestyles.  Our mission is to empower them in roles as women, wives,  mothers and leaders.  Sisters want to provide a safe place to come for  healing from a multitude of concerns that are a by-product of their past  and/or present circumstances.  Often these concerns are never  addressed.  

Word Alive!



Word Alive is an evangelistic outreach  forum which empowers people through conferences, workshops, seminars,  retreats and publication of the Devotionals.  

To review on-line our bible study devotionals archive please click below: 

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Metamorphosis - A Place of Transformation


Metamorphosis is located in Charles County,  Maryland.  We assist victims by providing financial support in  obtaining a safe place of shelter, either temporary in a motel, or when  the victims are ready, by providing deposits to help obtain permanent  shelter.  We continue to assist victims by providing other social  resources through counseling and life skills programs.

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SLS Ministries mission is to support families, empower women and children. 



We  operate to provide social resources, counseling, educational services  and shelter for charitable purposes. We assist women and children in  obtaining social services, education, counseling, mentoring and shelter  for victims of domestic violence and homeless women and children.  SLS  provides services without regard to race, religion, gender, sexual  orientation or national origin. .



SLS was  founded in 2003 for the purpose of providing workshops that focused on  topics that were relevant to real life concerns for Christians.  In the  past 12 years it has held conferences locally and as far away as Coastal  Georgia, traveled nationwide giving workshops, retreats and seminars.   Annually they reach the community in fundraising for domestic violence  awareness, feeding families, provided relief efforts during hurricane  and earthquake emergencies domestically and nationally and provides  emergency relief for families through fundraising.  In 2009 SLS  was honored by the Women's Commission of Charles County for its outreach  services to women and families, and 2010 was a AAUW Recipient and 2012  received the Humanitarian Award of Alpha Kappa Alpha.

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